First I want to say I still love MC Hammer and yes I had the pants back in the day. 🙂

I am sure my wife would love to share pics. 🙂

M.C. Hammer created a unique way to rise to the top in his industry.

He did things differently…

1. His music was unique.
2. The way he dressed.
3. He danced a new way.

I have always had this thing about being different and at certain points, it has held me back.
And other times it helped me become the leader in the market I was in.

I would say I am not a “me too” person, which is why I still have not done a guru product launch
for myself to this day.

When I started my Victorian and historic restoration business, my trucks were distinctly bright yellow, covered with bright aqua lettering along with my Victorian business logo.
My employees wore polos branded with my business logo as well and we stood out from the rest of the crowd.

It wasn’t just because of the branding, we did what we said we would do and beyond for my clients and guess what… competition became scarce.

And yes – we were the best at what we did so we could say…

“You Can’t Touch This”

No Hammer pants, but we were different.

As I transitioned into the internet and affiliate market, I used the same skill set of being different.

I gave away physical products that had a real word value in exchange for an action.

I literally stood out in the first market I was in so much that affiliate managers were calling me and asking what I was doing that was getting so many clients.

I am not saying for you to reinvent the wheel… Model what’s working but make it your own and be you.

All In and “Too Legit To Quit”