About Daniel Giordano

Today, Daniel Giordano works with global businesses with expertise in online lead generation, business development, and a knack for finding hidden revenue streams.

But over 20 years ago, he started with no internet marketing experience, no website, no list AND his first child was on the way. Daniel was driven to success by his passion for being THAT Dad and Husband, who is engaged and involved with his family. To do this, he decided to create a business that he could run from home and choose his own hours.

He applied his knowledge of acquiring leads and turning them into paying clients to build multiple successful businesses for himself and his partners.

Today, leveraging his experience and knowledge of lead generation, online business systems, and personal development, Daniel assists other entrepreneurs worldwide to transform their lives and business to share their valuable messages while impacting the world.

He has generated over a hundred million dollars in sales in a wide variety of industries: business/personal development, real estate, investment, credit management, product development, direct sales, and coaching.

This book will give you the top 10 ways to accelerate your business.

Daniel lives in South Florida with his wife, Marides, four children, a chocolate lab, a collie/beagle mix, two birds, and an assortment of strange pets.

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Daniel M. Giordano, II