How do I know?  I speak to people all over the world and when I ask them what their financial goal is, the magic number is $10,000 per month, I always like to say, or more, why limit yourself 🙂

$333 Per day…

That is $10,000 per month, for you analytics out there, yes I know if it’s a 30 day month we are off by $10 🙂

That would change most people’s lives drastically. For some that are already making more than that, what would you do with an extra $10k or more?

Travel- Where would you go?
Give more to charity- Who could you bless?
Spend more time with family- How important are those closest to you that just want you to be present with them?
Retire – Take it easy for a bit and enjoy life with those you love.
New Home- Where would you live?
New Car- What would you drive?

Are you looking to earn more? …

The first question… Why?

Why is this important to you? Money is just paper and really is worthless (that is another conversation😊) until a value is attached to it.  It what the money can do for you.

For me it’s my wife and kids, I wanted to be the dad that was going to be home. I did not like the fact that I had to leave my wife and kids for 10 to 16 hours per day so I can provide. Who says it has to be that way. That was and has always been my why and what motivates me every day to be All In.

Wealth is different things to different people. For some, if you make an extra 1,000 per month that is huge, others it may be 5,000, 10,000 or 100,000 per month. You may be thinking is that even possible?  Anything is possible, it starts with mindset and stretching yourself to believe it is.

The unthinkable happened when I lost sight of my why.

Finally, I had arrived making tons of money in online marketing. Life was great
traveling the world with my family, doing what we wanted to do, when we
wanted to and spending time with who we wanted.

You see I thought I was ready and then it happened…

I almost lost it all!

Here are just a few mistakes learned the hard way:

Advice from the wrong gurus.

Invest in things I had no business investing in.

Working in my business and not on it.

Business deals gone wrong. That sounds like a new reality show, maybe we can have that after Shark Tank. I know they have an episode that shows the deals that have not worked out.

Well, with age comes wisdom 🙂 I guess I am a little slower than most but it’s all good.

I am a big boy and only I am responsible for the poor choices, but the key question is did I learn from them.

While a successful person is great at the thing that made them successful, they do not know it all and eventually they
make a few poor choices.

We all do its human nature to mess up once in a while. That is
how we learn and grow.

John C. Maxwell shares this in his book Failing Forward…

“Your attitude toward failure determines your altitude after failure.”

You see there are many people that cannot handle success.

That is why you see some people, celebrities, lotto winners and athletes wind up with all kinds of challenges, dead broke or even worse DEAD!

Because… they had no clue how to handle the fame and/or fortune and most importantly they are missing one key thing…

A Mentor and the right team!

Someone who is genuinely interested in them as a human being and their overall success.

LeBron James is a great example of someone seeking a great mentor hooking up with Warren Buffet.

Someone who knows what he wants and is surrounding himself with the right people to make it happen.

Look around and take an inventory of the people who are in your life.


Because it may be time for a change and to finally have someone that is going to tell you the truth and not sugar coat the cold hard facts…

It takes work to become successful there is no easy button!

But when you have a mentor and coach in your life that can help you create a clear path to follow it sure makes it easier.

Today decide what is your why? Share it below and inspire someone to do the same

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