Martial Arts

I know you may be thinking this guy is crazy and believe me there are times I am thinking the same thing. Especially when it comes to being involved in martial arts. I always wanted to take martial arts and finally figured okay know that I have kids I can live my dream through them :).

It first started when my two oldest kids finally said they wanted to do karate. I knew a few things remember I like doing things a little differently so I knew enough about most karate schools to know that I wanted them involved with a program that taught from a different perspective. So I found a dojo that did just that and all I can say is has been awesome.

The two oldest have been in over 3 years now and my wife and I a little over 2 years and the little guy about 8 months he started at age 3, so Yes the whole family is in martial arts.

My first year was a challenge as I was only doing private lessons and had no group classes until one day my kids said daddy are you quitting (that is a bad word in our home) and I realized I have to step it up as I can not set a bad example,  if I quit it could set them up for failure . So since then I have been in group classes and totally committed.

Is it challenging oh yes! are there days I feel like what the hec am I doing this for? definitely but anything that you do in life will take work and commitment no matter if  it is your faith, health, fitness, business, martial arts or relationships.

Currently I am a little over half way to black belt and it is an awesome journey. I will keep you posted as we all progress!

Do everything with excellence,

Dan Giordano

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